Judged! ~ Mark 14:53-65

The book of Deuteronomy contains God’s instructions for the Israelites as they entered the land of Canaan, which included the requirements for spiritual and social life, how to live among the nations, how to conduct the various feasts and festivals, […]

Betrayal ~ Mark 14:44-52

Parallel passages: Matthew 26:47-52, Luke 22:47-53, and John 18:3-12. As a quick review, there were many things happening during this particular Passover week: Monday – Jesus entered the city in triumph; the crowds loved Him. Tuesday – Jesus denounced the corruption […]

Mark 14:27-42

No agony could be greater than what Jesus was about to endure. The physical pain was definitely excruciating, but nothing could be worse than bearing the sins of the world. Our lesson covers Mark 14:27-42. It was Thursday night of Passover […]

Jewish Sacrifice Beliefs

The question came up in Sunday School concerning how Jews handle the lack of animal sacrifices in post Temple destruction times, since unlike Christians they don’t believe Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice on the cross and no further sacrifices are […]

5 Realities of the Future ~ Mark 13:1-13

We began looking at the Wednesday of Passion Week back in chapter 11, and now after a full day of dealing with the religious leaders, Jesus has turned His focus to His disciples. They had been anticipating the Kingdom, after […]

BEWARE ~ Mark 12:38-44

Still on Wednesday of Passion Week after the scribes and Pharisees were done questioning Jesus in their attempt to trap Him, Jesus turned away from the gathered crowds (Luke 20:45) to speak to His disciples. He was done with the […]

Love God ~ Mark 12:28-34

The meaning of Christianity and having a relationship with God is simply loving God, imperfectly at first, but seeking to love Him perfectly, as we will in the glory which is to come. This Sunday we viewed John MacArthur’s sermon […]

God of the Living! ~ Mark 12:18-27

In last week’s lesson the Pharisees did their best to trick Jesus and turn the Herodians against Him, but they failed. This week in Mark 12:18-27, the Sadducees get their shot. The Jews, as a whole, believed in the resurrection […]

Religious Hypocrites ~ Mark 12:13-17

During Sunday School this week we watched John MacArthur’s sermon on Mark 12:13-17, titled The Pathology of a Religious Hypocrite. During His ministry Jesus had demonstrated His power over disease, demons, death, and nature, showing sovereign power over everything, and yet He was merciful, […]

Whose Authority? ~ Mark 11:27-33

We have learned that the Jewish leaders hated Jesus and were continually trying to find ways to get rid of Him. Today’s scripture (Mark 11:27-33) is no different. They took the clearing of the temple (Mark 11:12-20) personally and were […]